Aging Together

Multi-generational Housing

Detroit, MI  2016

University of Michigan

Team Work: Qinying Sun, Ying Guo

Instructor: Christina Hansen, Lars Graebner

Gratiot Street Perspective

  This Housing project is a part of the Detroit revitalization plan, it is locate in the Eastern market area where is a famous farmers market of the surrounding cities, also the site has the access to the Dequindre Cut which is a non-motor vehicle road for exercise cut into the ground and connect to the river. The site also represent as the entry point when approach to the city’s downtown.

   This project has combined social and environmentally strategy like create communal space, mixed user groups, separate public and private space, green roofs and storm management water-scape.

Water-scape perspective

Site Axon

We create a distinct strong and protecting outside urban edge with weathered copper panel, in contrast with a social engaging facade inside with light timber panel.

Each of a type of facade is dominate a kind of space, the copper panel is facing to thestreet and plaza, and the timber is wrap around private courtyard.