Visional Cuboid - Performance Art Complex in 2170

Performance Art Complex

Worldwide, 2170

University of Michigan

Individual Work: Qinying Sun

Instructor: Julia McMorrough

Street View

With the increasing demand of the user experience and interaction on performance art and the exhibition field, lots of new forms of performance have emerged, such as multiple dimensions and multiple senses of contact. The future architecture of performance art would satisfy those increasing demands. The design of anti-gravity performance art complex in the future let people change standing direction along the curved surface to enlarge their experience and visual connection with performance, also the change of the gravity can provide opportunities for users to exchange their character between performer and observer. The design is focused on development of technology and 3D/4D presenting form, rebellion against the old form of box, pit, and gallery theatre to dominated the art. This complex emphasizes the efforts of the creation of adaptable spaces for different performance styles. 


Finding Poster

The performance art complex is flying in the air above the ground on a city’s open space or above the roof top with the elevator belt touched ground for landing. For a specific need, the building can exchange its program with other complex in other countries or cities.   This exchange system can furnish an intellectual and cultural sharing of great value and broad influence, establishing a network of international interchange of art. It also reduce the expenses on movement of the equipment and setup of the stage, and avoid unnecessary damage occurring on transport of articles.

The program of the complex consists of exterior and interior. The Exterior program has Outdoor Stage & Projector. The whole building is functional like a giant projector, for performance of movies, ads, and arts on the exterior facade, and provides exterior stage and view space for outdoor live. The Interior program is related to the function of the events the building holds, including exhibition galleries, theatre, movie room, auditorium, studio, ballroom, etc. 

Aging Together

Multi-generational Housing

Detroit, MI  2016

University of Michigan

Team Work: Qinying Sun, Ying Guo

Instructor: Christina Hansen, Lars Graebner

Gratiot Street Perspective

  This Housing project is a part of the Detroit revitalization plan, it is locate in the Eastern market area where is a famous farmers market of the surrounding cities, also the site has the access to the Dequindre Cut which is a non-motor vehicle road for exercise cut into the ground and connect to the river. The site also represent as the entry point when approach to the city’s downtown.

   This project has combined social and environmentally strategy like create communal space, mixed user groups, separate public and private space, green roofs and storm management water-scape.

Water-scape perspective

Site Axon

We create a distinct strong and protecting outside urban edge with weathered copper panel, in contrast with a social engaging facade inside with light timber panel.

Each of a type of facade is dominate a kind of space, the copper panel is facing to thestreet and plaza, and the timber is wrap around private courtyard.

Jingqiao International Training Center

Shanghai, China    2016

Woods Bagot Shanghai

Team Work: Ian Png, Sean Feng, Joseph Crowe, Huang Wang, Qinying Sun

Project Manager: Ouyang Wei

I participate this project while my Summer Internship in Woods Bagot. In this Project team I was responsible for modeling, arrange project book, drawing diagrams and sections. All the diagrams and sections showing in this portfolio are drawn by me, all the renderings are render by professional rendering firm base on my model images. 

This project is located in Shanghai in between of a elevated highway and river, the training center is provide an ecological and sustainable smart office training environment for the surrounding area. The design is focused on blurring the edge of office and community activity to integration of public and private space. Design different facade system with different side condition. Use terraced roof and openness podium to allow interaction of various groups of user and offer sustainable environment.

Analysis Diagrams

Analysis Diagrams

Analysis Sections

Power Prologue DTE Conner Creek PowerPlant

Detroit, MI   2016

University of Michigan

Individual Work

Instructor: Dan Kinkead

The Power Plant is located at the southeast corner along the river front of Detroit. The site is quite isolated and limited in access, the plant is used to be a coal electric generator and had been shut down in 2008.

The project is mainly focused on future use of the closure site. As the consideration of the power itself and identical visibility of the site, I decided to collaborate power with renewable energy and human recreation to let local community has the access to the energy and power field. The major approach is in two direction: recreational and renewable, which is aim to prevalence the idea of sustainable healthy lifestyle across the city and connect the site back to the city.

Site Masterplan

PowerPlant Axon